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Uploading Datasets to the CARTEEH Data Hub


  1. Register an account at https://carteehdata.org/auth/register
  2. Login with your username and password at https://carteehdata.org/auth/login
  3. Go to + Add New >> Dataset at the top right corner of your screen to add a new dataset
  4. As shown in the screenshot below, the metadata fields are on the left tab, and file uploads can be done on the right tab.
  5. On the METADATA tab, fill out the relevant information about your dataset in the respective fields. Hover over the   icon to get more information about a specific field.
  6. Select the FILES tab and upload your dataset or link to existing datasets on the web.
  7. Once file uploads are complete, click on the Publish checkbox then click on SAVE button to publish your data.
  8. If not ready to publish, click do not select the Publish checkbox. Just click on the SAVE button.
  9. If you selected the Publish option, your content will then appear on the search page.

Further Considerations

In addition to meeting minimum UTC requirements, we encourage you to explore the full range of data hub features and think creatively with us about what additional you may be able to share on the data hub to extend the value of your data beyond the length of your project and foster an open and collaborative research community around transportation emissions, energy, and health. We are here to help! Please send your requests and questions to carteehdata@tti.tamu.edu.

Additional Features

Check out additional metadata support and data hub features including

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