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    Uploading Datasets to the CARTEEH Data Hub

    CARTEEH’s DMP ensures that data collected during research activities involving the center complies with DOT policy, and ensures the maximum value of data for future research.

    CARTEEH researchers are encouraged to upload the data and related metadata used in their research work to the CARTEEH Data hub by following the steps outlined in this document. The CARTEEH Data Hub managers, Dan Seedah <> and Andrew Birt <> are available to assist Principal Investigator (PIs) to prepare their data for upload. 

    Instructions to CARTEEH Researchers

    Please read page 7 and 8 of this document:

    Data Upload Steps

    1. Register an account at
    2. Login with your username and password at
    3. Go to + New >> Dataset at the top right corner of your screen to add a new dataset
    4. Begin by briefly describing your dataset by filling in minimal information as illustrated in the figure below
      • Title of the Dataset
      • Brief description of the dataset
      • List of authors (add unregistered authors by clicking on the + New Author 
      • Content License
      • Temporal Granularity
      • Spatial Granularity
      • Publication/Update Frequency
    5. Click on the Save button to proceed to the next page where you can upload your files

    1. Click on the Upload Files button and choose either to drag and drop your files or link to existing files on the web. 
    2. Once file uploads are complete, click on the Publish checkbox then click on Save button to publish your data.

    Additional Features

    Check out additional metadata support and data hub features including

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