Development Roadmap

    August 25th 2018

    The CARTEEH data:hub builts on the strengths of existing open source data platforms such as Dataverse, DKAN and CKAN.

    August 12th 2018

    1. Public beta release announcement
    2. Amazon S3 for file data storage

    August 16th 2018 (ver. 0.816) Release Notes

    1. Dataset module now in alpha
    2. File uploads or link to existing resources (APIs, webpages, online maps, etc.)
    3. Added multiple licensing agreement options
    4. Social media share links now available for all content types
    5. Send Feedback button now available in bottom left corner
    6. Users can keep track of versions using the built/version tag at bottom of screen

    August 21st 2018 (ver. 0.821) Release Notes

    1. Included mapping component including ability to upload geojson, kml, gpx data or draw location maps
    2. Added licensing feature to code
    3. Bug fixes

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